How much will my Orangery cost?

How much do orangeries and Conservatories cost? It’s definitely one of our most frequently asked questions and one that’s not easily answered. Each project is bespoke and there are loads of factors that effect the cost of the project. There are dozens of unique design points that may be vital to achieve the performance or the look, each one may effect the price. The Location, access to the build site and how best to integrate the new with the old are also vital factors with cost implications

For someone wanting a very rough indication we sometimes use the following rule of thumb. A Builders extension or ‘Sunroom’ is likely to cost from €1000 to €2000 per square meter. Our Conservatories and Orangeries are likely to start at about €2000 per square meter and in some cases can be €4000 or more. So perhaps twice the cost of a conventional build.

When it comes to home investments, such as building an orangery, price and value for money is everything. We don’t believe in cutting corners or unnecessary additions. Our process is to apply the same quality, materials and 100% dedication to every project, big or small. Tailored to your exact wants and needs.

Our Conservatories and Orangeries typically start around €40 000 Excluding VAT & preparatory work, with the average cost around €70,000 to €80,000.

About-Norman-Pratt Timber Conservatory
About-Norman-Pratt Timber Conservatory