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About Norman Pratt

Founded in 1948, Norman Pratt’s business started out as a small manufacturing operation at the Timber Mill in County Meath, Ireland. Having gained valuable experience with commercial greenhouses in his father’s early commercial growing business, Norman decided to turn his focus towards manufacturing greenhouses for others. It wasn’t long before he realized that there was a growing demand for his products, and as a result, his business began to expand. As the business grew, it soon became an important source of employment in the area.

To ensure that the quality of the products could be controlled throughout all aspects of the build, a full installation service was implemented as an integral requirement. Basic designs evolved over time, and continuous development led to some very ambitious projects requiring sophisticated engineering solutions.

In addition to commercial greenhouses, Norman introduced more residential
bespoke designs, with "lean-to" versions becoming an important part of the product range. These relatively simple structures were the forerunners of today's more sophisticated product range, which includes orangeries and conservatories. Today, some of Ireland's most important homes boast examples of Norman's work.

About-Norman-Pratt Timber Conservatory
About-Norman-Pratt Timber Conservatory Swimming Pool Cover

‘The quiet professional’

Norman Pratt was known as the "quiet professional" and his business has benefitted mainly from ‘word of mouth’ promotion. Even after several thousand projects, some in very special locations and sworn to secrecy, satisfied customers remain the main
source of new business.

Over seventy years later, the family business continues to thrive at "The Timber Mill," with much of the original philosophy still intact. An evolving expertise in the design, manufacturing, and installation of conservatories and orangeries continues to this
day, with Norman's legacy of quality and innovation at the heart of everything they do.

Ireland, The UK and Europe

In the early days most projects were local with occasional work undertaken outside Ireland, however, over the years the business has evolved to service markets in the UK and Europe. Today’s technology and ease of travel make it easy to undertake and complete projects in the UK, Europe and further afield. Talk to Norman Pratt Conservatories about your unique Hardwood Orangery or traditional Hardwood Conservatory. We are happy to discuss your idea’s and offer suggestions and design proposals to progress your dream Orangery/Conservatory. We look forward to discussing your project.   Each job is special and we enjoy the challenge of getting everything just right. Contact us for some early feedback on the feasibility of your ideas, or for more in-depth information on your specific plans.