Let us inspire you with just some examples of the difference a well thought out Orangery can makeThe unique designs allow an experienced designer to create a truly remarkable featureOrangeries differ from more conventional Glass Buildings such as Conservatories and Glasshouses. You will see from these examples that while these Hardwood Orangeries enjoy all the benefits of natural light and heat gain, there are also significant areas of wall and roof which are not glass. These solid areas contain high-density insulation and also provide sun shading. The proportions achieved between the two are vital to the overall concept and allows for more decorative pilasters and mouldings to be added. These features together with ‘A’ rated glazing provides a room which can be used all year round, one that truly integrates with the total living space.

Add a new Dimension to your home

Norman Pratt Hardwood Orangeries offer design opportunities unmatched in the world of construction. When properly designed and constructed a traditional Orangery becomes an all year round room. Your fully functioning ‘work of art’. It will truly transform your home and your daily life. Beautiful, Functional and Unique.

Conservatory Construction

All year round Garden Room

Before we start to design and build a Bespoke Hardwood Orangery we like to hear about your home and how it works. What you would like to change. How the new room will fit in with family life.  These answers can help to lay the foundations of your new Norman Pratt  Orangery.