What is it that you love most about an old world Hardwood Orangery?

I sometimes wonder what it is that makes a truly great Orangery Design. That being a Traditional Wooden Orangery that sits comfortably with its surrounds and lasts more than a lifetime.

Many of our best Hardwood Orangeries are antique designs which continue to work well, even in this 21st century. Architecture is an art, which I feel concentrates mainly on scale and form. Outstanding Orangeries display a real understanding of how natural light works. Through years of experience we at Norman Pratt Conservatories have developed an expertise in the field of Orangery and Conservatory Design, yet I am still amazed at how the team at Norman Pratt Conservatories can hit exactly the right note so consistently. The satisfaction felt when a plan comes together to create a really Luxurious Orangery has not faded despite all the years in this business.

The “no maintenance” uPVC conservatory that stood before the new Hardwood Orangery was nearing its end of life after approximately 20 years of service. Both I and its owners agreed it didn’t owe anything, before it was summarily brushed aside. It had definitely done its job, but always jarred with the original farmhouse which is 220 years old.

Today I see a beautiful room flooded with natural light, incredible attention to detail, and most importantly another satisfied Orangery customer

Norman Pratt at County Wicklow farm Ireland 1st March 2017.
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