Conservatories by Norman Pratt

Traditional Conservatories are a great way to add Natural light, Heat and Space to your home.

Make the most of the best features of your home. Light airy space just where it’s needed and most can transform a dark kitchen, or brighten a shaded door area. Imagine sunshine flooding in, even on those winter mornings. Properly designed, these extensions will perform as all year round rooms. A heating and ventilating plan is an essential part of the planning process.

A recent survey confirmed what we have always known, A well designed wooden conservatory increases property values, it’s important to get it right!

Traditional Hardwood Conservatory

Each Traditional Hardwood Conservatory is designed especially for its location and it’s intended purpose, no two are alike. Giving easy access to a well-kept garden this simple lean-to connects the living area with the great outdoors. A carefully chosen colour helps to integrate the garden and the home into one pretty picture.

This Conservatory replaced an original one which was beyond repair.The new Traditional Hardwood Conservatory has a lean-to roof designed to work with the relatively low height space available. The French grey colour was selected carefully. Visitors to the house can’t easily tell if it’s new or not, that’s always a good sign!

Conservatory Construction

Classical Conservatory

Conservatories can be a beautiful and practical way of adding an extra room, however if your conservatory is to be a part of your home it will need to be properly designed and constructed. It must be practical, functional and it should enhance the value of your home. Norman Pratt’s classically designed hardwood conservatories are instantly recognized as a job well done.

World Class Conservatory Design

A Norman Pratt Classically Designed Conservatory can create an indoor place to relax and enjoy. They have been described as ‘world class’ by many of our customers. Good design is achieved by working closely with the client. Consider why you wanted a Norman Pratt Conservatory in the first place. How it might be used, and how it will work with adjacent rooms.

Georgian Conservatory

A Georgian Conservatory with 4, 6 or 9 pane Georgian window patterns must be carefully chosen to ensure that true Georgian proportions are achieved.

A conservatory for special occasions.

Positioned off a formal drawing room and this Georgian Conservatory brings light, fun and a new dimension to the home. The dining area is extended for use on special occasions. This very successful design completed the home adding that extra dimension to both the house, dining room and garden.

Norman Pratt Conservatories

Norman Pratt Conservatories design and build unique, bespoke hardwood Orangeries, Conservatories and Victorian Planthouses in Ireland and throughout the UK and Europe.

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